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OCR FM is a proud member
of the
Community Broadcasting
Association of Australia

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OCR FM will follow the same general principles that unite all community broadcasters across Australia. In pursuing these OCR FM will endeavour to:

  • Promote harmony and diversity in contributing to a cohesive, inclusive and culturally diverse Australian community;
  • Pursue the principles of democracy, access and equity, especially to people and issues under-represented in other media;
  • Enhance the diversity of programming choices available to the public and present programs which expand the variety of viewpoints broadcast in Australia;
  • Demonstrate independence in their programming as well as in their editorial and management decisions;
  • Support and develop local and Australian arts, music and culture in the stations programming, to reflect a sense of Australian identity, character and cultural diversity;
  • Widen the community’s involvement in broadcasting;
  • OCR FM’s Community, broadcasting services are provided for community purposes and are not operated for profit* or as part of a profit making enterprise (Section 15 of the Broadcasting Service's Act)

Guidance Note: *Not-for-profit relates to the corporate structure of a station and not to a station's ability to generate surpluses from year to year in annual budgets.

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