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OCR FM is a proud member
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98.3FM Colac & District

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Throughout April 2020 some of our presenters are 'Taking Up a Challenge for a Good Cause' and you can support them by donating to keep them motivated.

Every cent raised supports OCR FM community radio station. #TakeItUPril

Payment options

Paypal - click on the Presenters picture below to Paypal your donation *

Credit Card - use this link to donate via the MyCause site

Internet/Direct Bank Payment BSB 083 585 Acc :86 593 1699!
Account name: OCR FM National Bank and put TakeItUPril as your reference

*Please note the PayPal links say 'Pay Jennifer Vesey'. Don't worry that's the name of the previous Treasurer who set up the account - all funds go straight to OCR FM!

Click on the photo below to donate to the Presenter and leave your message of encouragement.

Take it Upril Felicity

Hello and thanks for being an OCR FM supporter! I’m Felicity and I enjoy the privilege of hosting Animal Nation, a half hour show that calls for kindness and justice for all regardless of skin, fur, feathers or scales. Along with my husband Robin I also run Blackwood Fields, a refuge for displaced and at risk animals. This year as part of Take It Upril, what looks to be one of the major OCR fundraisers due to the necessary cancellations of many events, I will be rising before the crack of dawn and ushering in every single day in April with the sunrise. Any of you who know me well understand the great challenge this will be - even the roosters at our sanctuary know I enjoy a sleep in. However, as much as I love my bed I have always felt that I am missing out on the best part of the day. I plan to use this challenge to change a habit of a lifetime. Wish me luck! Please, if you can, donate to our cause to get me out of bed each morning, and more importantly, help OCR FM continue to bring you diverse, engaging content. Setting my alarm now!





I'm Rosemary and I help at OCR FM by reading the Colac Herald for Talking Newspapers, plus host my country music show The No Horse Cowgirl Show and The Children's Show for You. For Give It UPril I'm going to be riding an exercise bike! Please donate to my endeavor. All money goes to OCR FM and I may even get slimmer.

TakeItUpril Kat

Kat, the host of Australia Bacchanalia, is missing the heck out of her spin classes.  She's also going crazy working from home! So, to break up the monotony she's going to fish her treadmill out from under the tonne of clothes hanging on it and spend an hour on it. 1 hour a day, on the treadmill, for the month of April.If she only walks 5 kms an hour that's 150kms that she'll travel this month.  Throw OCR FM  just a little bit of coin for this mammoth effort.

TakeItUPril Brayden

Hi, I'm Brayden and I host DisNews and The Walt Weekly on OCR FM. Last year I gave up chocolate for Give It UPril. This time for Take It UPril I'm going to try meditation. Meditation is a way to relax the brain and take your mind off the stress of the world. At this time with the whole coronavirus stuff happening, I think everyone needs a little break from the stress of daily life.

Take It UPril Jof

Howdy, I'm Jof and I present a few shows on OCR FM - 921 on a Saturday morning playing song requests and sharing community information, Afternoon Delight on Sundays talking lollies and sweet treats, and LOL Radio playing comedy songs, sketch and standup from 5pm on Wednesdays. This year instead of giving up something, I'm taking up the challenge of reading every single Goosebumps book from the original series. 62 books in 30 days - plus the regular 'balance' of teaching at a primary (probably online soon), community radio and Scouts (yep, that's going to be online as well). Yeah, I know it's crazy but why not! Any donation you can make is greatly appreciated.

TakeItUPril Sarah

I'm Sarah and I host ‘From Paddocks To Pride’ at 6pm on Sundays. I’m going to do something I haven’t done for a long time! I’ve found that I have been engrossed in my phone and not enjoying some of the simple pleasures in life. As a child I absolutely loved reading and used it as form of escapism. So for Give It UPril I will be reading a book before bed every night. Please help support OCR FM as it gives a voice to everyone in our community.

TakeItUPril Tys

Hi I'm Tyson, the OCR FM President. Previously during Give It UPril I have given up takeaway food and soft drink and last year I gave up animal products. This year I'm challenging myself to write something on a typewriter each day. It might be a short story, a journal bit, a letter or some other third thing but each day I will write something! So if you would like to help out OCR FM you can sponsor me with a donation of any amount via the link.

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