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Fri May 14 @ 6:00PM - 07:00PM
Narcotics Anonymous
Fri May 14 @ 7:00PM -
Mystery at Shady Acres Hotel
Sat May 15 @ 8:30AM - 01:00PM
Apollo Bay Foreshore Market
Sat May 15 @ 7:00PM -
Mystery at Shady Acres Hotel
Sat May 15 @ 7:30PM - 10:00PM
The Magnolia Tree
Sun May 16 @10:00AM - 02:00PM
Colac Community Market - POSTPONED

Throughout April 2021 some of our presenters are 'Taking Up a Challenge for a Good Cause' and you can support them by donating to keep them motivated.

Every cent raised supports OCR FM community radio station. #TakeItUPril

Payment options

Paypal - click on the Presenters picture below to Paypal your donation *

Credit Card - use this link to donate via the MyCause site

Internet/Direct Bank Payment BSB 083 585 Acc :86 593 1699!
Account name: OCR FM National Bank and put TakeItUPril as your reference

*Please note the PayPal links say 'Pay Jennifer Vesey'. Don't worry that's the name of the previous Treasurer who set up the account - all funds go straight to OCR FM!

Click on the photo below to donate to the Presenter and leave your message of encouragement.


Hello friends! Well it's that time of year again and OCR FM is once again running Give It UPril to raise much needed funds for the radio station. Our wonderful supporters can sponsor our presenters as they either give up or take up a challenge every day throughout the month. 

This year I'm really testing myself and have chosen to do 100 squats, 100 pushups and 100 crunches daily. YIKES! I tend to stay pretty active with all the work I do at the sanctuary but it's been a while since I've done targeted exercise. So I imagine this is going to be a very difficult challenge for me.

The rules are: I can complete the required number of repetitions over four sessions throughout the day, and the pushups must be done with proper straight back - on my toes form. Wish me luck! Much gratitude to all who choose to support myself or the other presenters.

Mack, pictured with me here, is just hoping I will still be able to lift the hay bales at dinner time.

TakeItUPril Tys

Hi I'm Tyson, the OCR FM President. I am giving up social media for the month and taking up doing the things I should be doing instead of scrolling for hours. 

I have a pile of books, movies and other projects sitting in my 'to do' pile and always think I haven't got time to do them.  I quite often plan on reading or watching something and find myself constantly reaching for my phone to check Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr then end up scrolling for an hour, missing half the movie or only get a couple of pages read and then don't get any further. And it's not like I'm doing anything constructive either. I quite often find myself closing and app only to immediately, muscle memory open it again.

I will be switching back to a dumb phone for the month of April for texts and calls, and uninstalling the apps from my other phone so I will only have it for music and podcasts. I'll give updates on my radio show each week on how I'm going. Hopefully I can take this time off to be productive and break then habit of scrolling that I have developed.

TakeItUpril Kat

For the month of April, I, Kat, a news, pop culture and social media junkie will be giving up Facebook. I won't doom scroll.  I won’t see pics of my BFF’s kids.  I won’t look to it for news. I won’t be looking at any “10 pics of cats that are going to make you smile”.  I won't know what The Betoota Advocate is satirizing!

It will make my life slightly less complicated, and in a way much more complicated because how am I going to know what’s going on!??!?

As I write this I’m getting slightly nervous and anxious, but I’m sure I’ll be fine right?  It’s just the FOMO talking.

Oh my gosh, what the actual heck am I doing??!?!

I’m changing my habits and routines in a massive way for the month of April.  That’s gotta be worth a few coins, right?


Talking Newspapers

I'm Rosemary and I help at OCR FM by reading the Colac Herald for Talking Newspapers, plus host my country music show The No Horse Cowgirl Show and The Children's Show for You. For Take It UPril I'm going to be singing scales every day. Please donate to my endeavor. All money goes to OCR FM.

Take It UPril Jof

Howdy, I'm Jof and I present a few shows on OCR FM - 921 on a Saturday morning playing song requests and sharing community information, Afternoon Delight on Sundays talking lollies and sweet treats, and LOL Radio playing comedy songs, sketch and standup from 5pm on Wednesdays. This year to celebrate 30 years of OCR FM broadcasting, I'm going to be recreating the various frequencies each week by walking. Week 1 will be the coastal frequency 88.7 thousand steps, Week 2 the current Colac and District frequency of 98.3 thousand steps, Week 3 will be the original test frequency of 99.1 thousand steps and Week 4 will be the original Otway FM frequency of 104.7 thousand steps! Any donation you can make is greatly appreciated.

TakeItUPril Sarah

I'm Sarah and I host ‘From Paddocks To Pride’ at 6pm on Sundays. For Give It UPril I will be completing a daily action for sustainability. Please help support OCR FM as it gives a voice to everyone in our community.


Hi I’m Brayden, I run Disney on OCR FM: DisNews and The Walt Weekly. I have just got into drawing and designing characters so this year for Take It UPril I am challenging myself to draw a new character each day. Whether that is one of my characters, a brand new character that I have made up, someone else’s character or a movie/TV show character as long as it’s different each day. You can help me come up with names, colours and more over on my Instagram braydensmith.art where I will be sharing my creations.

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