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OCR FM is very grateful for the support from
the Community Broadcasting Foundation

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OCR FM is a proud member
of the
Community Broadcasting
Association of Australia

98.3FM Colac & District

88.7FM Along the Coast

03 5232 1991

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On Air



Thu Dec 08
Colac Toy Appeal
Thu Dec 08 @ 7:30PM -
Foster Care Information Session
Fri Dec 09
Colac Toy Appeal
Sat Dec 10
Colac Toy Appeal
Sat Dec 10 @ 8:30AM - 01:00PM
Apollo Bay Foreshore Market
Sat Dec 10 @ 9:00AM - 01:00PM
Skipton Market

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RSS What?

RSS is a way to get the latest content from an online service or website, automatically, without having to visit that service/website. It's a "pull" technology that automatically pulls in what you tell it to, whenever there's some new stuff. You can add any number of RSS "feeds" to check & update (you need an RSS Reader of some sort). No more remembering where to go on the internet to catch up on what you're interested in, it comes to you!

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In addition, RSS is totally anonymous - you subscribe to an RSS feed just by clicking a button/link. No email address or identifying information is provided. It is equally easy to unsubscribe if you no longer want that content. And RSS is free!

RSS Why?

So at OCR FM, you can see a list of the latest podcasts (ie. recorded shows) and then choose which to listen to. All you do is open up your RSS Reader (which can be integrated into your web browser or a separate bit of software on your computer/device) and select from an automatically updated list.

For more about RSS, see this What the Heck is RSS? article.

RSS How?

To find an RSS Reader that suits your setup, see the Google Search Results for "RSS Reader"

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