Ska Nation Radio

Ska Nation Radio

From its beginnings in Jamaica in the 50s, to 2-tone in Britain in the 80s, through to present day Ska, we play music that makes you want to get up and dance – it’s called SKA! Supporting local artists – send us your music and we will play it, guaranteed! Let’s support each other and this amazing genre.


Ladybird features a broad mix of female performers from pop, folk, country and more. Cherise will also have the occasional interview plus plenty of facts and inspirational information about all the wonderful singers featured.

Under the Needle

Under the Needle is a weekly series featuring the best of KEXP’s live in-studio performances. KEXP hosts over 400 in-studio sessions each year, including a range of genres and a mix of well-established and up-and-coming artists. Kevin Cole and his staff choose among these sessions to bring an eclectic mix of incredible live performances to Under the Needle.

Sound of Music

Originally a short segment from 921, the Sound of Music plays music from a different theme each morning during the school term as part of the Morning School Run. There’s mashups, sample tracks, cover songs, collaborations and other interesting musical features such as songs that only ever made it to number 2, follow ups to One Hit Wonders and impossible duets.

On Air Music Festival

To celebrate 31 years of community broadcasting, OCR FM is curating a virtual music festival featuring recordings from the stations live broadcast archives and music from local bands and performers.