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What is community radio?

Community broadcasting is Australia’s third media sector, formally represented by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA). There are more than 350 licensed community radio stations (including remote indigenous services) across Australia of which OCR FM is one. A 2002 report found that 20,000 Australians (or 0.1 percent of the population) were involved as volunteers in the community radio sector on a regular basis. Nationally, more than 7 million Australians listen to community radio each month.

The role of community broadcasting in Australia is to provide a diverse range of services meeting community needs in ways unmet by other sectors. Community broadcasting is sustained by the principles of access and participation, volunteerism, diversity, independence and locality.

Community radio stations may be specialized music stations, represent local music and arts or broadcast talks and current-affairs programs representing alternative, indigenous Australian, environmental, feminist or gay and lesbian interests and fill perceived gaps in commercial or government radio content.

Community broadcasting stations have a strong commitment to local news and information, the promotion of local and national music, arts and culture and providing training in media skills.

When a not-for-profit community group applies to the CBAA for a community broadcasting licence, it specifies the community interest it intends to serve. Licensees are selected on the basis of suitability and on the merits of the licence application and the capacity to serve identified community interests. Upon grant of a five-year renewable licence each station is then required to continue to serve the community interest for which the licence was granted.

Adapted from Wikipedia

How can I listen to OCR FM?

If you live in Colac and surrounding districts tune your radio to 98.3FM.

If you live in Apollo Bay and some surrounding areas along the coast tune your radio to 88.7FM.

You can also listen online – click the “Play” button in the bar along the bottom of every page.

How do I advertise my business?

Become a sponsor of OCR FM and we will produce an announcement about your business for regular airplay, to show our appreciation. Find our more information about our sponsorship packages.

Where is OCR FM?

OCR FM is located in Shop 6, 86 Murray Street Colac – get directions and see a map.

How do I contact the office?

The OCR FM office is manned by volunteers at irregular times.

Information can be sent to

For staff contact details, see our Contact Us page.

How can I find out the name of a song that was played?

If you’re listening to it right now, or the presenter is still on air, you can call the studio on (03) 52 321 991.

If not, email and provide roughly when you heard it (day, date and time), and any other helpful information, such as lyrics. We will respond as soon as possible to let you know.

How do I get my music played on OCR FM?

OCR FM loves to share local music! Send CDs to OCR FM, PO Box 31, Colac VIC 3250 and make sure to include a biography and contact details.

If submitting music digitally to OCR FM, email to and please make sure to include:

  • a short bio with any upcoming gig details
  • any links to stream music (soundcloud, bandcamp etc)
  • a link to a high quality download
Where do I post stuff to?

OCR FM, PO Box 31, Colac VIC 3250

Where do I send gig or event listings?

Simply complete our online form for a Community Calendar Event or email

Info will be distributed to relevant shows for gig plugs and airplay in the lead up to your gig, at the presenter’s discretion plus local gigs will be added to our Community Calendar.

How do I arrange an interview?

Email with your request and it will be forward to an appropriate program. Due to the large number of enquiries we receive, please note that we may not be able to respond to every request.

How do I arrange a giveaway of tickets / CDs?
  1. On the back of an in-studio interview. You must let your OCR FM contact know in advance if you are interested in organising a giveaway.
  2. As part of a promotional campaign. Under OCR FM’s licence, we are restricted to broadcasting five minutes of promotional announcements per hour, and on-air giveaways are counted in that time. To book, contact the OCR FM on (03) 52 321 991, or email
How do I make a complaint?

OCR FM subscribes to the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice. Click here to download a copy of the Code of Practice.

Having read this, if you wish to make a formal complaint, please email

How do I get an announcement on air?
  • If you’re a community group or organisation with an upcoming event please fill in our online Community Event submission form, or send links and posters to
  • If you’re a community group or organisation that want to spread a word about yourselves email the details to Representatives from the group are welcome to book a time to record a promotional announcement at the studio, or opt for one of our presenters to record it. Donations are welcome to cover cost of production.
  • If you’re a business looking for on air promotion, please visit our Sponsor page.
Do you need to have been on the radio before to do your own show?

No radio skills or knowledge is required before you start presenting a program on air as OCR FM provide basic training for all presenters. People of all ages, abilities and backgrounds are welcome to present any topic they are passionate about providing there is available airtime.

Find out more about hosting your own radio program.

Please feel free to list any previous radio experience when applying for a program to help guide your training sessions.

How do I request a song?

As a generalist community radio station, at OCR FM we endeavor to accommodate our listeners favourite music and most programs accept song requests.

The easiest way to request a song is to phone the station while the DJ is presenting their show. You can also visit their Facebook page or most shows have their own OCR FM email address where they can be contacted.

If you have a specific song you would like played at a particular time as part of a special occasion, send an email to with at least 48 hours prior notice to ensure that the request can be discussed with a particular DJ or incorporated into our airplay.

Will you come and broadcast at our event?

OCR FM has outdoor broadcast equipment and a mobile broadcast van and regularly broadcasts from a number of local music festivals, community festivals and sporting events. We can also help promote special events such as Grand Openings, community events and markets.

If you have an event you would like us to broadcast from, please contact the station via

Photo of the OCR FM outdoor broadcast van.

Why do you have a lizard on your logo?

OCR FM has had many changes since our inception in 1991 (you can find out more in our About section of the website)

But briefly, we started out as a test transmission on 99.1FM as ‘Colac Public Radio’ in 1991.

The old CPR logo.

As our licence area expanded, so to did the name of the station to ‘Otway FM’ with a brand new logo incorporating a radio style microphone amidst the frequencies on a blue and white background.


 When ABC radio reclaimed the 104.7FM frequency nation wide for political broadcasts, Otway FM was reassigned to another frequency. Consequently we became ‘OCR FM’ as we grew to include greater areas of South Western Victoria and our callsign is 3OCR.

The Otway FM logo was now defunct and the Committee of Management decided to launch a design competition to launch the stations new era. The competition attracted nearly 40 entries and a panel of judges was formed with members from OCR FM, the Colac Otway Shire events coordinator and a member from the Colac Herald design team. The design chosen incorporated the large bright green OCR FM letters and a lizard caricature, which has come to represent the Corangamite Skink which can be found within the OCR FM listening area. The designer was Colac Secondary College student Holly Smith, in year 9 at the time, who enjoys drawing and cartooning.

The OCR FM lizard logo including broadcast frequencies.

The lizard itself can represent a diverse range of listening opportunities provided by community radio and it is often dressed up to reflect different genres of music and special events that OCR FM provides.

OCR FM lizard variations. 

What's the difference between digital radio and streaming?

Digital radio broadcasting (DAB+) is a new radio transmission platform which differs from AM and FM radio transmission. DAB+ utilises an audio compression encoding system called AAC+ to transmit data. Digital radio receivers are able to receive and decode the digital program stream which you can then hear and, on compatible receivers. Digital radio is terrestrially broadcast from a transmission site and received by digital radios. Digital radio does not require an internet connection but does require a digital radio receiver. OCR FM is not a digital radio station.

Streaming uses data accessed through a connection to the internet via a computer or an internet capable radio. This means that you can listen to traditionally broadcast radio on a digital link anywhere in the world on your computer or digital device. Depending on your telecommunications network and service plan, you may incur a download cost.