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Community recognition for you - sponsorship for us

Give your business the edge by standing out, instead of being crammed into the mix of repetitive messages. Sponsorship is a partnership between the local business community and OCR FM.

By becoming a sponsor of OCR FM you are supporting a vital community service for the Colac Otway region whilst promoting your business to a wide community of customers not always available via commercial media. Make your business dollars go further by advertising with OCR FM – the affordable alternative.

We are happy to design a sponsorship campaign to meet your specific business promotional needs, or choose from our current packages below.

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Looking forward to partnering with you!

OCR FM Broadcast Area

OCR FM – Not Just Another Radio Station

OCR FM’s main objective is to broadcast content that is not heard on mainstream media, such as programs for people with a print disability and live coverage of local community and sporting events. We also broadcast a wide variety of music from country to classical and everything in between.

Who listens to community radio?

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) continuously collects statistics for community radio around Australia. Did you know;

  • Community radio reaches over 4.9 million Australians every week
  • 30% of all radio listeners listen to community radio
  • Listeners spend an average 14.5 hours listening to community radio each week

Please get in contact with us for more information regarding sponsorship of the station or if you have any queries. You can sign up as a sponsor by filling in the details below.


OCR FM provides so much support for our community, particularly our volunteer community events.

As one of the coordinators of the Colac Otway Arts Trail, OCR has provided us with interview and media coverage to support our event. As a volunteer organisation who have to find funding to run this event this is so helpful for the promotion of our event. OCR FM also promotes our local Community Arts Space, The Makers Space, to encourage new membership and to share our story.

OCR FM is seen at so many communityevents across our region, from Kana to the football, as well as presenting playing and engaging local musicians, technicians and people who
wish to learn the art of radio. It is a great training ground for our youth who have very little access to this kind of opportunity in our shire.

Lynne Richardson

Colac Otway Arts Trail Committee

Map of OCR FM broadcast coverage area.

Our Sponsorship Packages

Complete the Sponsorship form electronically and simply email back to us at admin@ocrfm.org.au

Sign up or renew during OCRtober for two months free on air promotion!


12 month booking. General play throughout 4am and 8pm timeslot.

$500 per year


6 month booking. General play throughout 4am and 8pm timeslot.

$300 for 6 months


3 month booking. General airplay throughout 4am and 8pm timeslot.

$180 for 3 months

Grow Your Own

Individual bookings for specified time frame.


Show Sponsor

Announcements tagged to a specific OCR FM program.


News Sponsor

Tagged exclusively to the OCR FM daily news broadcasts at 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, midday, 4pm and 5pm.


Community radio is a very important aspect of life in our community and is seen as a vital service for the broadcasting of information and subjects of interest to the people of our district. It provides local news, community information and is a non profit organisation that supports local businesses, and in return, local businesses support this radio station. OCRFM provides an avenue for individuals, groups and organisations to tell their own stories and to share their unique experiences. It provides training for people who are seeking to enter the broadcasting industry free of charge, as well as a learning and volunteering experience for retired persons, some of whom are U3A members.

OCRFM is generally considered to be an asset to all communities throughout the region.

Most commercial broadcasting stations stick to a set format for the presentation of information, music etc, OCRFM has no such set formats and welcome innovation in their presentations thus allowing people from all walks of life to contribute.

George Tolley

President, U3A Colac

Terms of Agreement

The term Sponsorship refers to paid promotion on OCR FM, or it may also refer to gifts in-kind, (such as the donation of equipment or hire service from a business).

The term Sponsor refers to a business or organisation providing Sponsorship to OCR FM.

Please note under this agreement General Play equates to a minimum of 2 plays per day.

Please read the following terms and agree to them;

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Station agrees to provide airtime on its community broadcasting station OCR FM, to acknowledge the support and sponsorship of the Sponsor in consideration of the payment by the Sponsor as provided in this contract.
  2. The parties agree to comply with the provision of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.
  3. The Sponsor agrees to pay any and all invoices for Sponsorship in advance of the campaign being broadcast or published, depending on the packages chosen under this agreement. Failure to pay will result in termination of sponsorship agreement, promotional announcements taken off air. Outstanding amounts must be paid in full before any further Sponsorship agreement can resume.
  4. All invoices issued by OCR FM must be paid within 14 days.
  5. 30 days prior to the end of the specified campaign an OCR FM representative will contact the Sponsor to discuss the campaign and any changes, updates or renewal desired.
  6. At the end of an agreed Sponsorship campaign any and all promotion will be removed from broadcast/print unless the business has agreed and signed a renewal Sponsorship Agreement.
  7. The Station agrees to use all reasonable care in the production of material being supplied by the Sponsor, but shall not be responsible for inadvertent errors or mis-statements.
  8. Businesses signed up to the 12 month package have the opportunity to modify their announcements up to 4 times throughout the year, 6 month packages may modify their announcements up to 2 times during the campaign and 3 months may modify the announcement once before extra payment is required.