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  • Songs will finish… gigs will end… and bands will break up. But you’ll never forget the 45s that touched your heart and soul. 45RPM – songs too good to forget from the 60s, 70s and 80s!
  • Radio serials and stories dramatised for radio.
  • Welcome to the 80's Mixtape. I'm DJ Sassy and I play the totally hot and some totally not so awesome hits of the 80's on Saturdays.
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    921 is a community based program, playing listener song requests and chatting with members of the community about their volunteering and community group activities. Leave song requests or book in for a community interview now by emailing 921@ocrfm.org.au or by posting on the Facebook page.921 is on air 9am to 1pm every Saturday morning on OCR FM.
  • A Breath of Fresh Air began as a COVID project. It’s now a national weekly, hour-long show that’s broadcast on radio stations across Australia as well through several stations internationally.A Breath of Fresh Air is my passion project. I research, produce and present on an on-going basis and spend quite a lot of time tracking down and chatting to the people who make the music. I’m so happy to share their stories  with you. I enjoy hearing where they’ve come from, what lies behind the music, what they’re doing now and all their tales  along the way. I really hope you do too.I’m so grateful to you for tuning in.Sandy
  • ‘The World of Light Music’ airs some of the most beautiful light orchestral music ever composed.Rare restored standard 78 recordings are taken from the mood and production music catalogues created to service the cinema newsreel and radio production industry early to mid last century. These recordings remained restricted for decades, with many used as unforgettable themes for radio.This program also includes popular orchestral music recorded by famous orchestras during the golden age of light music, 1920s thru 50s, as well as period vocals and some real surprises. Tiff Rayner is an Australian Cinema Pioneer, his knowledge of cinema sound nostalgia and restricted recordings is extensive.
  • Sugar, spice and everything sweet take over the airwaves from 3pm each Sunday as the team take a look at a particular type of lolly or sweet treat. Each week the lolly show team presents you with history, interactive lolly chat, trivia, debate, recipes, quizzes and a sweet tune or two. You can share your thoughts with the team by emailing lolly@ocrfm.org.au or posting up on the Facebook page.If you have an interest in chocolate, lollies or other sweet treats and would like to get involved, contact us via lolly@ocrfm.org.au.
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  • After 30 years in the entertainment industry, Michael Pope has had the privilege of working with many of Australia's most familiar faces. He now revisits those relationships, and spends 15 minutes in continuous conversation as a free audio podcast with many of them. Based loosely around the number 15, the topics cover everything from 'At age 15'  to 'The cost of fame',  and many more in between.http://michaelpope.com.au/aawtp.html
  • The Atomic Top 20 features the hottest 20 tracks from independent recording artists and bands every week. To have your say on the hottest tracks of the week make your way over to the charts and music tabs on www.atomicmusic.space to stream and download your favourite songs and find out how to get your favourite artist involved.
  • An ongoing expose of new Australian music.   From the well known to the unknown.
  • Each week Mike talks to country artists who get to tell you the stories about their songs.
  • An hour of Australian folk followed by an hour of Australian blues, both traditional and contemporary. 
  • The CBAA Award Nominated & Australia's Hip Hop, heard weekly Across Austalia on the Community Radio Network, Saturdays 11pm AEST check your local guide or your local Community Station.Hosted by scene veteran, award nominated broadcaster and 20 year radio career presenter Gavin Crossley. This show covers Australian Hip Hop, past and present.
  • The Melbourne Arts Community is as diverse as its population. From traditional fine music concerts and main stream drama to contemporary music and challenging independent theatre groups, and much in between; it seems Melbourne has it in spades. So what goes into making up these various arts groups? That’s where ‘Behind the Scenes’ comes in. Each week the program looks at how people organize and carry out these arts projects. Many stories, both fascinating and amusing are waiting to be told.
  • An hour of Americana from bluegrass and old time, blues to western swing, honky tonk and everything in between!
  • Hi Boys and Girls, I’m Rosemary and I have the Children's Show for You on OCR FM 98.3 FM Colac and district and 88.7 FM along the coast. It is on at 4:30pm Monday afternoons.

    I have a story or a poem, jokes, a word meaning, a recipe, the birthdays from Kid’s Corner in the Colac Herald, a dance and songs. I like doing my show and I think you will like it too. It only goes until 5pm. So after it’s over you can run outside and play or do something else you like to do.

    Hear the Children's Show for You on the radio.

    Bye. Catch you soon.

  • Hosted by Tim McQueen, this hour long program delivers some great book readings and short stories.Tim has been a volunteer with firstly the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind and later Vision Australia since 1997.
  • Our all-abilities team of DJ’s will make you smile with a new theme each week, featuring funky music related to the theme, jokes, poems, a healthy recipe, arts updates, the DARE footy rave, and a weather report all interspersed with disability news and information.Subscribe to the DARE Show to catch up on past shows
  • DisNews is your one stop show for everything Disney related. From Movies to the Theme Parks and beyond. This is the place for your weekly Disney news fix Celebrating Disney:100: 100 Years Of Wonder in 2023

  • The Entertainment Show Today is your place to learn about the biggest and smallest movies coming to your screens, along with keeping up to date with what's happening at Universal Studios and the theme park scene in Australia.
  • The Flower Power Hour with Ken and MJ is a flashback to the Golden Age of Flower Power, with music primarily from the 60s ,70s and 80s, and it’s dedicated to the vibe of that era – peace, love, and rock and roll.  We include at least one song or quote about peace in every Flower Power Hour. While the focus is on music, we also mix in artist liners, interview snippets, and period comedy.It's an internationally syndicated, intricately produced radio show which began operation in September of 2021. The Flower Power Hour is currently heard on over 90 radio stations in 12 countries, as well as on Dash Radio Network.
  • The show aims to provide a voice for the LGBTIQ+ community not only to help to ensure they are supported but also to reinforce that you should feel accepted as you are in the town you grew up in. We aim to provide a show that is inclusive to everybody that will spread awareness and progress people’s viewpoints. As the name suggests it is a LGBTIQ+ show relevant to our area. Each episode will feature a guest speaker and a few songs relevant to the topic as well as current affairs and upcoming events relevant to the community.
  • Alternatively known as "The Gary Jackson Experience" (Hendrix won't mind)  this show is music from across the eras - from the present day to the "vintage tunes" - two songs in the style of the 40s and 50s, this show has it's own slots in the UK, across Europe and beyond!
  • Michael Hince gives us an insight into the world of wine and wine-makers.Michael is a former editor of The Epicurean magazine, restaurant reviewer and contributor to the Age, The Age Good Food Guide, the Weekly Times and the Herald Sun. He has edited a number of wine trade magazines, including the Wine and Spirit Review, and still contributes to a range of publications.He is passionate about wine and food and brings a wealth of knowledge, as well as conducting wine appreciation classes.
  • Heavy metal into the night!
  • Hot, Sweet & Jazzy invites listeners to relax deep into the passenger seat, and shine the headlights towards the people behind the players. 

    There’s plenty of music as well, especially jazz for enjoyable listening, including traditional, mainstream, contemporary and everything in-between, from America, Australia, Europe and elsewhere. The team also showcase rare recordings to surprise and entertain even the most knowledgeable jazz listeners.Your hosts of Hot, Sweet & Jazzy :
    • Peter Milley: trumpeter and leader of the Cairo Club Orchestra; record collector, especially of 78s; supplied period recordings for the soundtrack to the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries series; guesting on radio for 30 years.
    • Peter Fogarty: music lover; singer in jazz bands; presenter at The Pulse for 14 years and formerly at 3CR.
    • Ian Coots: former professional drummer for over 25 years; record collector; broadcaster at WYN and The Pulse for 6 years.
    • Ken Hirst: Former bass player with Jazz and Blues bands over the last 40 years; founder &  leader of his own Neo Swing Band - Swing It!!; broadcaster at WYN FM for 3 years.
    • Ross Williamson: music lover; presenter at The Pulse since 1987.
    • John Thompson: student of jazz and of its roots; wrote the country blues column for the Victorian Jazz Club for 17 years and has lectured on the subject; record collector; former jazz broadcaster on 3CS and currently on 3CR and The Pulse.
  • Each Friday night at 8pm a different OCR FM presenter takes you behind the music of some of their favourite performers and bands.
  • It's My Country is a weekly 2 hour show consisting of country music from all over the world and it also includes the IMC Country Radio Weekly Top 15.
  • Ladybird features a broad mix of female performers from pop, folk, country and more. Cherise will also have the occasional interview plus plenty of facts and inspirational information about all the wonderful singers featured.
  • Each week on the show we look at articles in daily newspapers and explain the law behind the news story and how it affects the audience.
  • LOL Radio presents two hours of comedy songs, sketch and standup from 5pm each Wednesday night. Throughout the month there is also a comedy book review, movie review and Last Month's News taking a look back at the funny/weird things that have happened over the past month. Jof and Tys have been presenting the show since January 2nd 2008. Darby Heaysman co-presented in 2010 before Holly joined the team in 2011.You can share jokes, Youtube clips and other funny things on the show by texting the Laughline on 0439 329 713 or email lol@ocrfm.org.au, plus check out the LOL Radio Comedy Gig Guide on the Facebook page.
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  • Each Monday from 8pm LOL Radio Presents profiles the comedy of an individual comedian or comedy group, playing whole comedy albums accompanied by interesting behind the scenes information. 
    Jof has been presenting LOL Radio Presents since September 2012.
  • If you’re looking for the sounds of today’s Australian Country, you have found it here on Mike Crozier’s Australian Country. Songs that have just been released, together with songs from the Country Tracks Top 40 Chart, a selection of new overseas tracks, plus a few golden oldies are all there.Australian Country is unique, fast paced, informative, has great music, yet can be so, so relaxing.If there is a particular song you would like to hear, contact Mike at eagle@crozier.com.au - he’s got over 38,000 country tracks to choose from!
  • A mix of tunes to get you going in the morning during the school term, incorporating 'The Sound of Music' music docos featuring mashups, samples, covers, collaborations and more.
  • A mix of music from across the decades.
  • Modern country music from 2pm in the 'No Horse Cowgirl Show'.
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    A huge variety of tunes from across the ages with a mix of community information.
  • A mix of classical music performed by a variety of different orchestras and performers.
  • Old time and traditional country tunes featuring local singers, Australian legends and international country music artists.
  • Club tunes and DJ mixes from across the ages to pump out on your Saturday night.
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    A huge variety of tunes from across the ages with a mix of community information.
  • An easy listening assortment of  songs from the 50s, 60s, jazz, chillout and folk music.
  • Traditional and contemporary songs of worship.
  • Raps and rhymes from Australian and international hip hop acts.
  • Music from across the continents: Latin, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Asia, Celtic, African, Reggae and traditional Australasian tunes.
  • Oz Country is produced by Highlands FM featuring Gene Bradley Fisk. The show features interviews, artist information, latest releases as well as relevant industry information.
  • Join Rael for a program dedicated to the whole history of rock and especially progressive rock. The show will take you through the history of some of the best prog rock bands including the Velvet Undergroun, Yes, Electric Light Orchestra and many more, with an in depth look at full albums and some interviews.
  • Join Nick Black on Purple Haze each week as he chats to rock legends about their music and career.
  • A mix of rock from the 50s to 80s, plus interviews.
  • Road Ramblings is a weekly program for all motorists featuring regular contributors from all over the world. The program contains a regular motorcycle segment from Paul Riley, an exmotorcycle paramedic and trainer. Gene Corbett from totaldriver.com.au brings listeners a regular safe driving segment. Jeff from carsofaustralia.com.au keeps us up to date on motoring activities throughout Australasia fortnightly with his All Revved Up segment. We also regularly review books and motoring/motorsport DVDs, supplied by program sponsor the Pitstop Bookshop. Brian Payne entertains listeners with his Funky Motoring Facts. On top of all our regular segments producer/presenter Chris Goodsell conducts regular interviews with motoring and motorsport personalities. He also carries out road tests on new cars and motorcycles. Quite frankly if you’re are a motorist you can’t afford to miss Road Ramblings.
  • In 2020 the Victorian Seniors Festival was re-imagined as a series of web videos and radio broadcasts. Following on from the success of the programming and enjoyment from local listeners, OCR FM will continue to provide content featuring spoken word, nostalgic music features and radio plays catering to an older demographic.For more information visit https://www.seniorsonline.vic.gov.au/festivalsandawards
  • Shiloh Country plays not only the most meaningful, beautiful and well-written country songs from the past 30 years, but our artist “spotlights,” offer intelligent comment and fascinating stories.
  • From its beginnings in Jamaica in the 50s, to 2-tone in Britain in the 80s, through to present day Ska, we play music that makes you want to get up and dance - it's called SKA! Supporting local artists - send us your music and we will play it, guaranteed! Let's support each other and this amazing genre.
  • Just what it says - a show featuring music from a very diverse decade, plus music news from today in the 70s, the "sloppy bit in the middle" and the chart entry song from that week to finish with!
  • This is a short musical program produced and presented by Nicholas Handley of Voice FM, Ballarat.The program focuses on music from popular films and stage productions, and will occasionally run over two programs in order to encompass all relevant material from the movie or show.
  • Hear The Colac Herald read out on 'Talking Newspapers' from 1pm.
  • A program full of new technical ideas and technology.
  • Let 'Talking Vision' be your national radio reference on blindness and low vision.
    On this weekly radio program you can hear:
    • Discussion of issues relating to blindness and low vision
    • Stories of inspiration and achievement from people living with vision loss
    • How one can access services from Vision Australia
    • How one can become involved in assisting Vision Australia to 'make a difference' for people who are blind or have low vision
    We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please email talkingvision@visionaustralia.org
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    The Friday Night Show, hosted by Tyson Graham, started in June 2012. Tyson enjoys playing a large variety of music; from 50’s rockabilly, punk, hardcore, shoegaze, indie, rock, alternative, noise and electronic music and is a big supporter of Australian music. “I like the fact that I can play anything I want and I enjoy finding and playing new music as well as stuff that I grew up with”
  • James Eaton visits The Groove Yard and rummages through recorded relics finding forgotten 45s, long lost LPs, and great golden gems from the music of the 20th Century.
  • The Time Zone Top 40 is the 40 top-selling music tracks in Australia exactly forty years ago, to the day. Want to go back? Step aboard the TimeZone Top 40 with Robyne Wood!
  • Under the Needle is a weekly series featuring the best of KEXP’s live in-studio performances. KEXP hosts over 400 in-studio sessions each year, including a range of genres and a mix of well-established and up-and-coming artists. Kevin Cole and his staff choose among these sessions to bring an eclectic mix of incredible live performances to Under the Needle.https://www.kexp.org/programs/UnderTheNeedle
  • After nearly 60 years in Radio, veteran broadcaster Graham Webb has decided to present what is virtually an audio book of his life in radio and the big part music has played in it. And after nearly 60 years preparing for it, he’s decided to call it "Webby’s Golden Years of Radio"

    Webby says, it's not just about the people and performers who played a part in his life, “It's about informing and  entertaining the only "loyal" radio listeners left, the older generation. Young people today have far too many diversifications to build a loyalty to any one medium.”

    If his own colourful career is anything to go by, the show certainly won’t be short of content. Among the highlights, he is credited with hosting the first Top 40 radio show in Sydney in the late 1950s. In the1960s he joined several other Aussies to play the hits on pirate radio in the UK where he became Programme Controller and later News Director.

    By the early 1970s Webb moved into television, hosting and producing the original version of Blind Date. In 1973 he was the founding host and producer of the pioneering Saturday morning music video series Sounds Unlimited -- the world's first show featuring pop clips.