About OCR FM Community Radio

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OCR FM is a non-profit community radio station based in Colac, Victoria, Australia. OCR FM is a volunteer organisation with no employed staff, broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with locally-produced programming supplemented by locally-produced announcements and music.

The official licensed call sign of OCR FM is 3OCR, previously known as Colac Public Radio and then Otway FM. However with the changeover to a full licence (from a previously allocated Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence) the organisations name was changed to reflect its call sign. The name itself OCR represents “Otways Community Radio”

Free Community Announcements

OCR FM provides free announcements for not-for-profit community groups. Various members produce and record announcements. Some of the groups promoted by OCR FM include; Otway Plains District Scouts, Lions Club of Simpson, Lions Club of Colac, Lions Club of Forrest, Relay for Life (Otway Group), Driver Reviver, Amnesty International, Otway Derby Dolls, Colac and District Family History Group, Colac SES, Apollo Bay Fire Brigade, Colac Players, Red Rock Regional Theatre and Art Gallery, Sunday Painters, Kana Festival, Terang Country Music Festival, Colac Comeback Country, Old Style Country Music Group, Majella’s Linedancing, Carols by Candlelight, Colac Writer’s Guild and the Red Cross.

The South West Community Foundation wishes to acknowledge the significant role that OCR FM Community Radio undertakes within the Colac & District and South West

Community broadcasting is a vital service to any local community as it provides a valuable platform for the fostering of social connections and an avenue for the dissemination of local information which promotes an understanding of our local communities.

Without it, local Community Groups would be hindered to impart their messages of information and to have a ‘real’ voice and develop their identity. The SWCF have for many years been provided with this voice for which we extend our gratitude.

For those working behind the scenes, it is also an extremely valuable volunteer- based Community Group offering community members from a diverse background to come together to develop and utilize their skills behind a microphone.

OCR FM has developed a highly respected profile within the local Colac Community and South West region and is consistently visible in the Community as they support countless local Community Events on the ground and behind the scenes.

The SWCF extend their warmest congratulations to OCR FM on their highly valuable service for a period of 30 years and we look forward to their continued contribution to our Community for many more years to come.

Robyn Alexander

Deputy Chair South West Community Foundation, Chair Colac Sub Fund SWCF

Community Presenters

Program Genres

Years of Operation

Supporters and Thanks

The OCR FM Executive committee thanks the Southern Community Media Association and Community Broadcasting Association of Australia for their advice and ongoing support.

OCR FM are indebted to the various funding bodies; the Community Broadcasting Foundation, South West Community Foundation Colac Sub Fund, Community Enterprise, Colac Otway Shire and the Australian Government for allowing us to upgrade equipment, install new technology and create innovative programming.

Various community groups have supported OCR FM through outdoor broadcast programs, fundraising or events. These include the FreeZA Battle of the Bands, Colac Players, Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery, Lions Club of Colac, Lions Club of Forrest, Driver Reviver, Relay for Life, Colac Kana Festival, Otway Derby Dolls, Colac West Primary School, Carols by Candlelight, Colac Comeback Country, Colac Kickback Country, Majella Brown’s Linedancing and the Old Style County Music Group.

Technical assistance from Graeme Stevens of Echuca Communications, Craig Kerr and Steven Thomson of South Western IT, Simon Russell of SRK Electronics and Tim Green of Site Access without whom we would not be where we are now.

Many local businesses have supported community radio over the past 20 odd years. Whether for a short period or in an ongoing capacity OCR FM and the wider community are very grateful for all support.

Naturally without the support of the various and numerous members from the inception of OCR FM we would not be where we are nor would we have the variety of programming available today. A huge vote of thanks to our many hard working volunteers. Well done and keep up the good work.

For your listening pleasure;

  • OCR FM 98.3FM in Colac and District.
  • 88.7FM Along the Coast at Apollo Bay.
  • online via our website and the Community Radio Plus app.

Guiding Principles

OCR FM will follow the same general principles that unite all community broadcasters across Australia. In pursuing these OCR FM will endeavour to:

  • Promote harmony and diversity in contributing to a cohesive, inclusive and culturally diverse Australian community.
  • Pursue the principles of democracy, access and equity, especially to people and issues under-represented in other media.
  • Enhance the diversity of programming choices available to the public and present programs which expand the variety of viewpoints broadcast in Australia.
  • Demonstrate independence in their programming as well as in their editorial and management decisions.
  • Support and develop local and Australian arts, music and culture in the stations programming, to reflect a sense of Australian identity, character and cultural diversity.
  • Widen the community’s involvement in broadcasting.
  • OCR FM’s Community, broadcasting services are provided for community purposes and are not operated for profit* or as part of a profit making enterprise (Section 15 of the Broadcasting Service’s Act).

Guidance Note: *Not-for-profit relates to the corporate structure of a station and not to a station’s ability to generate surpluses from year to year in annual budgets.

OCR FM Code of Practice

OCR FM will follow the same general principles that unite all community broadcasters across Australia.

Governance and Committee

OCR FM is governed by a committee of management, that is elected by the members each year at the organisation’s Annual General meeting. General committee meetings are held at the Colac Neighbourhood House on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm. All OCR FM members, presenters and supporters are welcome to attend.









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Executive Member

Governance Committee Policies

Governance Policy

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Governance Committee Induction Policy

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Governance Committee Dispute Resolution Policy

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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2021-2022


Business Plan


Policies and Procedures

Volunteering Policies

Volunteering Policy

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Computer Use Policy

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Discrimination & Harassment Policy

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Grievances & Dispute Resolution Policy

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Use of Facilities & Equipment Policy

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Membership Policy

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Non-Compliance Policy

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OH&S Policy

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Passwords Policy

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Sexual Harassment Policy

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Social Media Policy

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Other Policies & Procedures

Whistleblower Policy

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Sponsorship Policy

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Programming Policy

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Privacy Policy

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Fundraising & Money Handling Policy

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Epidemic or Pandemic Policy

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Environmental Impact Plan

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Diversity Policy

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Community Participation Policy

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Complaints Policy

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Young Presenters Policy

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