OCR FM Radio Presenters

  • "Beefy" Blake
    Beefy is a former professional cricketer and has been involved in radio since 2016. Amazingly he doesn't just host the World's #1 Ska Radio Show but Beefy also holds a Guinness World Record as "The World's Biggest Sports Fan".
  • Brayden Smith
    Brayden is our Disney expert, covering everything from the parks to movies and more on DisNews. He has also branched out into covering more entertainment from Universal, Paramount, Sony and more by deep diving into the Australian theme parks on The Entertainment Show Today. Away from the mic Brayden spends his time, outside of work, drawing and creating some of his own characters. He occasionally dips his toe into doing some writing. He has been involved with OCR FM since 2017 as an after school activity. He hosts DisNews and The Entertainment Show Today.
  • A local actor from Ants Pantz Arts Bruce is a great asset to the DARE team. He loves community radio, music, footy and a good joke.
  • Charles Reichman
    Charles lives in Birregurra and has been a lawyer for 42 years and a lecturer at university for 23 years.
  • Cherise Jettner
    Cherise loves supporting the DARE Team each week to showcase their talents and learn news radio skills. She has been involved with community radio for several years and is also artistic director of Ants Pantz Arts Drama Troupe and Thumbs Up Rock Band.
  • Chris Goodsell
  • Chris Spencer
    Chris moved to the area after volunteering at Port Phillip community radio station.
  • David Welsh
  • DJ Sassy
    Shows: 80s Mixtape
    I'm DJ Sassy and I play the totally hot and some totally not so awesome hits of the 80's on OCR FM from 2pm on Saturdays! Backstory...I grew up in Southern CA, moved to Sydney in 2008 & 2015 - and made my way to Auckland in 2018. I volunteer at our local university radio station in Auckland and have a background in marketing and media. I also like long walks on the beach, dance parties in my garage, making mixtapes & mocktails...I never met a microphone I didn't like & my favourite food is popcorn. #StaySassyStayTuned #NothingComesBetweenMeAndMy80s
  • Doug Farquhar
    Doug loves radio and music and is thrilled to finally be presenting his own show. His goal is to share some fun and happiness with his local community.
  • Francois Rochecouste
    Francois moved to Colac in 2015 after living all around the world. Born in Mauritius, he went to 13 different schools in just as many countries and speaks 4 different languages. Francois has certainly had an interesting life having lived through Cyclone Tracy, a motorcycle accident and near misses in Barcelona. Vocationally he has worked in education, the prison system and a lot of different finance positions. Francois is an avid musician, playing guitar and singing. Francois got involved with OCR FM after a friend recommended coming along to a training day and he met some great people.
  • Gary Jackson
    Like many English radio presenters, Gary started as a mobile DJ. From there he went on to hospital radio, and when the FM frequency beckoned he jumped at the chance to join Skyline Gold in Southampton. It soon became apparent that other stations were sometimes short of presenters, and the norm in those days was to play automated music. He offered a show to Forest FM - Sounds Of The 70s - which he still presents there to date, and soon realised that here was a gap that needed filling elsewhere. Other stations followed including the legendary 1260KYA in San Francisco, Castledown Radio in Wiltshire, and the Bigl, today's equivalent of 60s pirate station Radio London. He is now broadcasting live on the BigL from his south coast studio. Soon stations all over the world started airing the shows. Many people have asked who was his favourite interviewee, and the answer has to be Stu Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Not only did Stu give him around twenty minutes, he was happy to talk about the days when things weren't good, and after all, Creedence was his all time favourite band in the 70s. For the 60s, it has to be The Searchers who are now friends, and he has published their official website since 1997. As he has often said "On the rare occasions when things are hard going I go see The Searchers. Their sheer hard work and professionalism put me to shame and give me the kick up the backside I need". His shows often feature guests, and his interviews have included chats with Mike Rutherford (Genesis), Paul Carrack (Mike and The Mechanics, Squeeze), Alan Clark (Dire Straits), Tom McGuiness of Manfred Mann, Deborah Bonham, Simon Townsend, Stu Cook (Creedence) Dave Clark (Dave Clark Five) and just about every other 60s band still working! Not only that but household names like Jenny Eclair and Toyah Willcox have also joined him!

    Gary's live radio work has taken him to California, and his shows now air from Tenerife to Tasmania!

    Very much a fan of personality radio, Gary always remembers that the listener comes first, tries to give his shows a live feel and keep listeners interested with features like the “A side B side”, “follow that” and the “back to front” song.
  • Gene Bradley Fisk
    Shows: Oz Country
    Gene Bradley Fisk is an Australian country singer who was born in Colac. He formed his first band called 'The Sidewinders' in 1959. He served in the Royal Australian Air Force for 15 years before embarking on a career in radio as an announcer with 3UZ and 3GL. His daughter Donna Fisk is also a successful country music entertainer.
  • Graham "Spider" Webb
    Graham "Spider" Webb is a prominent Australian radio and TV broadcaster and producer. Graham Webb began his radio career at 2TM Tamworth in 1954. In late 1957, Graham joined radio 2UE, where he hosted the first Top 40 radio show on Sydney radio in the late 1950s. Presently, Graham hosts a program called "Webby’s Golden Years Of Radio" - an audio book of his life behind the microphone. It is a weekly 2 hour program, syndicated to many community and narrowcast stations around Australia.
  • James Alsop is a regular member of the DARE team on OCR FM. He is an actor and bass player with the Thumbs Up band. He loves music and especially enjoys sharing his interests on air with the DARE crew.
  • James Barrington
    James has had a keen interest in music all his life and first started his own radio show when he moved to Australia in 1984.
  • James Eaton
    Being born in the 1950s was a good time for James. He was at the right age when music exploded after the Beatles became the darlings of the world. He was soon collecting records instead of stamps. James started work for the BBC in 1969 – unfortunately the closest he got to a studio was the pay office in Broadcasting House. He was actually working as a computer operator. This was at the time when computers took up rooms the size of basketball courts. He migrated to New Zealand in 1975 and after moving to Wellington in the early 1980s got his chance to broadcast the music he liked on Wellington Access Radio. On this radio station he produced and presented many different programmes. Owing to an illness his radio career was cut short in the 90s. He moved to Waikanae (North of Wellington) in 2013 and “sat-in” on Beach FM for some programmes. He spent 6 years producing and presenting The Outer Limits - a 60 minute journey through the musical universe which is broadcast around the world, and for a shorter time, a second programme, Up To Ears In Alligators, playing Blues form the Alligator label. Both shows syndicated around the world. He now visits The Groove Yard once a week and rummages through recorded relics finding forgotten 45s, long lost LPs, and great golden gems from the music of the 20th Century.
  • Jason Colville
    Shows: Cackalacky
  • Jonathan Graham
    Jof is a primary school teacher and self-confessed comedy nerd. When not in the classroom he can be found watching comedy, listening to comedy or thinking about comedy. Jof got involved with community radio in 2008 when his brother suggested they do a show together to make use of all the comedy CDs and recordings he owned. Since then he's presented LOL Radio each Wednesday, which also spawned LOL Radio Presents on Monday evenings for several years. He can be heard on Sunday afternoons sampling a variety of lollies on Afternoon Delight and playing song requests on 921. He also presents musical trivia and facts during the Morning School Run on the Sound of Music.
  • Kat Bryan
    If you google "Kat is" you get a whole plethora of results... Kat is a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer. Kat is a Gothic electro-pop singer songwriter and producer. Kat is on Facebook. Kat is 30 years old. Kat is pictured cutting the ribbon. Kat is travelling. Kat is great! Kat is looking like a new version of himself. Kat is popular again! Are any of these true? Tune into OCR FM and find out!
  • Ken and MJ
    Ken Rundel’s extensive radio experience included early stays at WVIC, Lansing, MI, and w-4, Detroit. Next up was the legendary album-rocker, “The Zoo” in Dallas, where he was program director and had the #1 rated midday show. Other stops included Q-102, KZPS, KOAI, KRBE and KXCC in Texas, and the ABC Radio Classic Rock Network, where he was the top-rated jock in listener surveys. Ken’s also been an attorney, actor, and improv comedian and instructor. MJ grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, addicted to the heritage album rocker, KSHE-95. Her extensive knowledge of rock and roll as well as her talent as an artist gave her incredible backstage access to all the early icons of album rock, including Cat Stevens, Alvin Lee, Jon Anderson, Donovan, Randy California, Elton John, and Ian Anderson. Her beautiful, mind-blowing posters graced the dressing room doors of all the greats. Her broadcasting career began in 2006 as co-host of the Ken and MJ Show on Radio Free Phoenix.
  • Mark O'Neil
    Mark has been working or volunteering in radio since 1977.
  • Max Leersen
    Max lives in Colac and likes playing the drums. He also likes watching TV and loves mint lollies.
  • Michael Pope
    Having celebrated 30 years in the television industry – Michael has done it all. From stage and screen to producing and hosting. After such a career – rubbing shoulders with many of Australia’s favourite faces, Michael dips into his little black book and spends 15 minutes in their company – trying to learn the lessons of life – and to apologise for rubbing their shoulders. Comedians, actors, TV personalities – you can find them all at www.AnAudienceWithThePope.com.au as well as heard regularly right here on 98.3 OCR FM.
  • Mike Crozier
  • Nicholas Handley
  • Paul Kenny
    Paul spent several decades in original and cover bands as guitarist, singer and songwriter in Brisbane and Melbourne. Paul developed a love for music recording and engineering after multiple recording sessions. Paul moved to Camperdown in 2016 and settled in to the laid-back semi-rural lifestyle. He reassembled his recording studio and continued his music passions whilst expanding his vinyl collection. Paul has always had a love for modern Blues music whilst respecting it’s roots. Paul brings his extensive collection to the airwaves in Tuesday's Electric Blues show.
  • Pete Matthewman
    My Name is Pete Matthewman and I am from Melton. I have been involved in the country music scene now for about 10 years and have previously hosted the My Country Australia Radio Show. You can listen back to episodes at https://hearthis.at/imc-country-radio/imcrs-full/
  • Robbie Farquhar
    A local musician and actor Rob is a regular DARE Show presenter as well as the host for his country Music Show on OCR FM Fridays 2 – 4. He performs with both Thumbs Up and Ants Pantz Arts, and has been involved in community radio for many years.
  • Robyne Wood
  • Rosemary Goodall
    Hello. I’m Rosemary Goodall and I have been with OCR FM as a radio presenter for about 30 years. I have the No Horse Cowgirl Show , it is mainly modern country music. It is about equal mix of American and Australian country music and also Victorian country artists. I do like rockabilly and drinking songs and the occasional balladeer. You’ll hear music from Gavan Arden to Melinda Schneider to Laura Downing and Alan Jackson to Dolly Parton. I have a feature artist where you’ll hear 5 or 6 songs from one artist and I present some facts about a few selected artists. Also I present Talking Newspapers where I and sometimes other volunteers read out articles from the current Colac Herald. It is a service for the print handicapped.
  • Sandy Kaye
    I’m Sandy Kaye and I just love music and the people who make it. Like most people, I’m particularly into the music I grew up with – the soundtrack of my own life. It’s the music of the 70’s and 80’s that takes me back. The Blues and R&B speak to my soul. My taste is a little eclectic and I try to feature the tunes that really move me in some way or another.
  • Sarah White
    Sarah's passion for giving back to community is what bought her to the station (and a nudge from a fellow Scout). She grew up in Simpson but resides in Geelong. She can be heard on 'From Paddocks to Pride' with guest speakers who are also from the LGBTIQ+ community.
  • The Southern Community Media Association
    The Southern Community Media Association is a network of community radio stations, committed to supporting regional, rural and sub metro community broadcasters.
  • Tiff Rayner
    Tiff Rayner established Myrtleford's community radio station 87.6fm in 2011.
  • Tim Hunt
    Tim is a presenter on the DARE Show.
  • Tyson Graham
    Tyson Graham has been involved with OCR FM since midway through 2007, and has presented Live and Local, 921 and currently presents LOL Radio and The Friday Night Show.
  • Victorian Seniors Festival
    In 2020 the Victorian Seniors Festival is being re-imagined due to COVID-19 as a series of web videos and radio broadcasts.
  • Vision Australia
    The Vision Australia Radio Network incorporates ten community radio stations across Victoria, southern New South Wales, Adelaide and Perth and five digital radio services offering a range of interesting and informative programs that feature readings from the latest newspapers, magazines and books.
  • Ward Lake
    Shows: 45 RPM
    Ward Lake has been announcer at various radio stations commercially and community, as well as a voice over for TV commercials. He is currently heard on OCRFM 98.3 Colac, as part of Wes Jay's 45 RPM.
  • Wes Jay
    Shows: 45 RPM
    Wes Jay has a love of music and media. His hobbies include listening to music, reading, networking, and collecting  memorabilia on the history of Australian music. He has worked in corporate public relations, media and music for over 20 years. Wes holds qualifications in media, professional writing/editing, plus music; and is the author of numerous articles and essays on music, media and public relations. He has composed several published musical works and is currently writing a book based on his ever increasing library of music interviews.