Rosemary Goodall

About this Host

Hello. I’m Rosemary Goodall and I have been with OCR FM as a radio presenter for about 30 years. I have the No Horse Cowgirl Show , it is mainly modern country music. It is about equal mix of American and Australian country music and also Victorian country artists. I do like rockabilly and drinking songs and the occasional balladeer. You’ll hear music from Gavan Arden to Melinda Schneider to Laura Downing and Alan Jackson to Dolly Parton. I have a feature artist where you’ll hear 5 or 6 songs from one artist and I present some facts about a few selected artists.

Also I present Talking Newspapers where I and sometimes other volunteers read out articles from the current Colac Herald. It is a service for the print handicapped.

Host Shows

Hear The Colac Herald read out on ‘Talking Newspapers’ from 1pm.
Modern country music from 2pm in the ‘No Horse Cowgirl Show’.
Hi Boys and Girls, I’m Rosemary and I have the Children’s Show for You on OCR FM 98.3 FM Colac and district and 88.7 FM along the coast. It is on at 4:30pm Monday afternoons. […]