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If you have an interest in a particular style of music or topic, then share it with the rest of the world by hosting your own radio show!

OCR FM caters for a wide variety of music tastes, from country to punk and everything in between.

All new Presenter’s are given basic radio training to learn skills in radio production, public speaking and program organisation. Download and submit a Program Proposal form to start your radio journey. All Presenter’s must be fully paid up members of OCR FM.

Completed forms can be posted to us at PO Box 31, Colac 3250, or scanned and emailed to

Send Us Your Proposal

Let us know what sort of show you have in mind, who it’s aimed at, when you’re thinking of broadcasting it, that sort of thing. You’ll also need to sign our Presenter’s Agreement as a binding contract.


submit your show proposal online now by filling in the form below

Blank Form (#5)
Please read the following terms and conditions of OCR FM Community Radio Inc. Presenter’s Agreement and sign in the spaces provided. If there are any queries or information which is not clear to you, please inquire prior to signing as this contract is binding.
As a presenter at OCR FM Community Radio Inc. I
  1. Understand I need to be a financial member of OCR FM Community Radio, having all annual subscriptions and fees paid up to date at all times while broadcasting my program.
  2. Will comply with all codes, regulation and legislation relevant to OCR FM Community Radio Inc. and undertake to read and comply with any rules and regulations which are communicated to me in writing;
  3. Accept responsibility for the content of my program and I agree to comply with the media regulations related to blasphemy, copyright, libel and slander;
  4. Recognise that in addition to OCR FM Community Radio Inc., that under Law I may also be liable for actions, suits, claims, losses and/or damages as a result of my comments or conduct on air and I accept personal liability for any insurance policy excess payable by the station as a result of my comments or conduct whilst on air;
  5. Agree to accept directions and decisions made by the management of OCR FM Community Radio Inc. on; program content including sponsorship announcements, presentations and technical quality, on-air conduct, access to station premises, use of station equipment and property, strategic planning, risk management, and Occupational Health and Safety;
  6. Will comply with any reasonable changes in broadcast times as required by Management;
  7. Agree to;
    • Be at the station premises, ready to present my program, a minimum of fifteen minutes before my allocated broadcast time; or
    • Provide a replacement presenter approved by Management if required; or
    • Provide a pre-recorded program at least three hours before broadcast time.
  8. Will inform Management within 48 hours of any complaint concerning my program or any incidents that might lead to a complaint;
  9. Acknowledge that material broadcast on OCR FM Community Radio Inc. is the property of the station and that such material may only be sold or broadcast to other outlets with the permission of Management. I accept that there will need to be negotiations regarding any material which is commercially sold with regard to the use of OCR FM Community Radio Inc in creating and recording such material. As a volunteer I retain copyright of all other works that are created for broadcast.
  10. Accept that OCR FM Community Radio Inc. will take every care with recorded material left by me at the station but cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage.
  11. Will treat station equipment, facilities and property with care. I will use station equipment and facilities for the production and preparation of my program and for no other purpose without the prior consent of Management. I will not remove station equipment or property on any occasion without first having obtained permission from Management.
  12. Will not make commercial representations on behalf of OCR FM Community Radio Group Inc. to any person or organisation without prior written authority from the Executive Committee.
  13. Will treat other volunteers, Management, Executive and station guests with consideration and respect. I will not, without prior approval from Management, comment publicly on the operation of OCR FM Community Radio Inc. or any staff member or volunteer.
  14. Agree that a breach in the above condition may result in the suspension of my broadcast rights and may, in some situations, lead to the termination of my broadcast rights. I acknowledge OCR FM Community Radio Inc.’s grievance procedures as the appropriate avenue for conflict resolution.


I have read and hereby agree to the terms and conditions as stated in OCR FM Community Radio Inc. Presenter’s agreement. Should any grievances arise from the required duties not being fulfilled, as stated in the agreement, then significant action will be undertaken.

In signing this I agree to follow all community radio, CBAA and OCR FM Policies and Procedures and to undertake compulsory OCR FM Induction Training.

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