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Jof is a primary school teacher and self-confessed comedy nerd. When not in the classroom he can be found watching comedy, listening to comedy or thinking about comedy. Jof got involved with community radio in 2008 when his brother suggested they do a show together to make use of all the comedy CDs and recordings he owned.

Since then he’s presented LOL Radio each Wednesday, which also spawned LOL Radio Presents on Monday evenings for several years. He can be heard on Sunday afternoons sampling a variety of lollies on Afternoon Delight and playing song requests on 921. He also presents musical trivia and facts during the Morning School Run on the Sound of Music.

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Originally a short segment from 921, the Sound of Music plays music from a different theme each morning during the school term as part of the Morning School Run. There’s mashups, sample tracks, cover songs, collaborations and other interesting […]
A mix of tunes to get you going in the morning during the school term, incorporating ‘The Sound of Music’ music docos featuring mashups, samples, covers, collaborations and more.
Each Monday from 8pm LOL Radio Presents profiles the comedy of an individual comedian or comedy group, playing whole comedy albums accompanied by interesting behind the scenes information. Jof has been presenting LOL Radio Presents since September 2012.