Webby’s Golden Years of Radio

After nearly 60 years in Radio, veteran broadcaster Graham Webb has decided to present what is virtually an audio book of his life in radio and the big part music has played in it. And after nearly 60 years preparing for it, he’s decided to call it “Webby’s Golden Years of Radio”

Webby says, it’s not just about the people and performers who played a part in his life, “It’s about informing and  entertaining the only “loyal” radio listeners left, the older generation. Young people today have far too many diversifications to build a loyalty to any one medium.”

If his own colourful career is anything to go by, the show certainly won’t be short of content. Among the highlights, he is credited with hosting the first Top 40 radio show in Sydney in the late 1950s. In the1960s he joined several other Aussies to play the hits on pirate radio in the UK where he became Programme Controller and later News Director.

By the early 1970s Webb moved into television, hosting and producing the original version of Blind Date. In 1973 he was the founding host and producer of the pioneering Saturday morning music video series Sounds Unlimited — the world’s first show featuring pop clips.

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