Ska Nation Radio

Ska Nation Radio

From its beginnings in Jamaica in the 50s, to 2-tone in Britain in the 80s, through to present day Ska, we play music that makes you want to get up and dance – it’s called SKA! Supporting local artists – send us your music and we will play it, guaranteed! Let’s support each other and this amazing genre.

The Friday Night Show

The Friday Night Show, hosted by Tyson Graham, started in June 2012. Tyson enjoys playing a large variety of music; from 50’s rockabilly, punk, hardcore, shoegaze, indie, rock, alternative, noise and electronic music and is a big supporter of Australian music. “I like the fact that I can play anything I want and I enjoy finding and playing new music as well as stuff that I grew up with”

Purple Haze

Join Nick Black on Purple Haze each week as he chats to rock legends about their music and career.

Progressive Rock Machine

Join Rael for a program dedicated to the whole history of rock and especially progressive rock. The show will take you through the history of some of the best prog rock bands including the Velvet Undergroun, Yes, Electric Light Orchestra and many more, with an in depth look at full albums and some interviews.